Monday, December 28, 2015

Chaos Sorc finished up... finally.

A few of you may remember this picture from awhile back.  It was from a post about using magnets and different heads as a way of showing Marks of Chaos on your models.  Well, I finally was able to get this Sorcerer and all the heads painted this past weekend.  So what we have is a Black Legion Chaos  Sorcerer, the only Finecast model I wanted to get... ever, with a back pack and helmet from Forgeworld's Sons of Horus upgrade pack.  All the other heads come from the Chaos Chariot kit.  But enough with that technical mumbo jumbo, here's the mini...

So here's a similar shot as above but painted...

Chaos Undivided...

Mark of Nurgle...

Mark of Slaanesh...

and Mark of Tzeentch...

So one model with 4 very visual ways to represent the Marks it might have on the battlefield.  Which is great for me because I kinda need WYSIWYG for my army so I remember what the thing does!  For being a Fincast model, which I dislike for it's fragility over anything else, it was very characterful and had a good amount of detail without being over the top.  All the bare heads used the recipes for my Demons so they would tie into each other visually.  Except for there Tzeentch head, with that one the recipe came about from this model so I now have a nice, subtle, blue to work with for later.    One of the details I did get into was the demon faced shoulder pad...

That one thing was a lot of fun to do and I will be using this same type of structure for any leering demon face on Chaos armor that isn't in the trim.  Like on all the Dark Vengeance Chosen.  This model was also upgraded to a 32 mm base using Eccentric Miniatures Size A Adaptor Ring.  It just needed a very  minimal amount of GS for the gaps but otherwise worked great.  They are cast in polystyrene from 3D printed masters.  You can see the printing detail once you get them, but after 3 thinned coats of paint on the rim you barely tell at all since the paint smoothed out the surface pretty well.  The only thing I *might* go back into would be the rips/vents in the cabling with the same coloration I used on the demon tongue.  Maybe.  

What do you think, did it turn out ok?


  1. Very cool take on the model - I don't think I'd ever thought of magnetising heads like that (or for any other reason really!).

    Paintwork is top notch.

    1. I thought of the same thing for squads, but that is looking like more than one model per squad would need to be magnetized.

      And thanks!


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