Monday, April 18, 2016

Knight Progress v.2

I had a chance to finally push through and get the Knight about 98% finished.  All that's really left is GS and a few more smaller details, and those deatials always take a bit.  Over all though I'm quite pleased with how this turned out for being an extensive kit bash that I wasn't sure was going to work in the first place.  I'll be the first to admit not all my projects work well, some have to be stopped before they spiral any further out of control.  The tiny cultist is very tiny, but cultists are always tiny.  I'm waiting for a better day, read not too busy, to take a better set of picture with more angles and a few size comparisons.  It is smaller than a regular Knight.  I'm ok with that, and my regular gaming buddy is ok with it, since this will now be the Knight for my Renegades and Heretics(R&H) force.  But Chris... R&H can't take a Knight by themselves with out a Chaos Space Marine CAD.  You would be right, until this week.

This week saw the wonderful preorder goodness of GW's latest brain child... Imperial Knight - Renegade.  A game of Knights hunting each other with... wait for it... RULES FOR RENEGADE KNIGHTS FOR CHAOS.  Someone(s) at GW has to be trolling (in the fishing sense) the Internet for ideas.  This just seems too good of a coincidence.  Granted, these rules come with a bundle of models that also happens to retail with a fairly good discount as well.  So you do have to buy them, at first.  I'm sure within a few days those rules will fall into a scanner somewhere and then spend the rest of it's days in some data gulag being ogled by the 40k masses.  I mean, there's already been a leaked datasheet and a snippet about allies.  The allies part looks like it reads "exactly like CSM", so that means Battle Brothers with Demons and R&H.  For the Chaos community this is huge news.  For the some of the places that don't allow Forgeworld(FW), and there are a few, rules for a Renegade Knight from GW is a godsend.  Like I said before, they have to be watching.

This past Saturday was a model day for me, more on that later, but previous to this the rumors of this new GW game began to circulate.  Then the pictures started.  Once that happened I was determined to finish my Knight build.  The real selling point for me was the box art, here was a box from GW with Knight that had a Chaos star on it shield.  Sign me up.  I did sign up by the way.  My buddy Dave and I went halves on the box.  He gets another Knight, his total will be at three, I get a Knight and rules to run my two without having to use Demon Knight rules from FW.  These Renegade Knights can also double up on their weapon arms... meaning 2 battle cannons or 2 gatling cannons.  Seriously, what's there not to love?

This whole Knight thing has me really excited is all.  Usually, through out the school year, I can have a game day about every other weekend.  My job keeps me busy and sometimes during the summer I get to travel, for sort of working vacations that last between 2-6 weeks at a time.  I work at an arts university, and I teach glassblowing there and the summer work is usually being a teaching assistant at Pilchuck Glass School.  Well everything I applied to this summer... I didn't get.  So this just freed up my summer in a big way.  Working in a glass studio is a lot like owning a house.  There's always something wrong with it.  So I'll be doing maintenance on the school  glass studio through out the summer, but only for 3-4 days out of the week.  That leaves a lot of free time.  So I want to try and get a lot of modeling projects like the Spartan finished up , built things painted, slim down the collection a bit, basically get my hobby life together.

This summer I'm going to try to do Bolter & Chainsword's annual ETL painting challenge as a way for me to get some support to get some stuff done.  The hobby is like going to gym in a way, if you have other people to help out it's more fun and you're more likely to do it.  For the ETL I'll be focusing primarily on my R&H and their big stuff.  Maybe my Mierce Miniature greater demons as well.  Since this is the first summer I will be home for the entire time, I want to get some paint down on some minis.  

Thinning the herd is another big thing on my to do list.  The Predators that have been sitting untouched for years, they should probably go.  Half built Plague Marines from the FW upgrade kit?  eBay those.  It's just time to do this.  Lately I've been noticing that I've been playing more R&H and Demons and less CSM.  Some of that has to do with how I personally perceive Chaos as a faction.  Almost every book I have read with large battles involving Chaos there's this screen of filth that's used for meats shields .  That's kind of how I play.  Lots of cannon fodder, and let Kharn roll up in a Khorne Chosen squad.  Some of it has to do with the parent CSM book.  It's way better than the last one, but still needs points drop across the board.  This coming weekend  I have a game, and it will be using the boon table from the Path to Glory supplement, released over Christmas I believe.  Less bloat and god specific rewards, it should be fun.  So a good long look at what I have been playing and what I haven't been playing to make some shelf space is in order.

I should also have enough time to go on a few fishing trips with my wife, it's one of the things I've missed the most working these past summers.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Warpsmith finished

So there' a theme happening if you noticed... time to stop building and start A LOT of painting.  Who am I kidding?  I can't stop building but I can slow way down, and in that regard the Warpsmith is finished minus the static grass.  It was a real pain to paint at times since it is whole with no subassemblies.  Old school I guess, build it then paint it.  The biggest thing I've learned, from the Sorc and this model,  it have it mostly together but not all the way.  Its makes things so much easier.  Lesson learned, it took awhile but it stuck.  Enough so that I haven't fully assembled my Havocs... legs, torso, backpack, gun arm, and gun are all together leaving the shoulder pads, and support arm off... so I should have an easier time getting to everything I want to reach.

Here's the final product.  A few things to note, it is much larger than it needs to be.  It sits on a 40mm base, and stands much taller than a marine.  So game wise it's a sitting duck, but with a 2+ save it should be ok most of the time.  Either way I didn't want a Finecast version of the Warpsmith because of the fragility of Finecast.  I've had smaller diameter pieces just snap right off and didn't want to shell out $30(US) for something that could break easy.  So all the tentacles are from a Necron Doomscythe and guitar string for strength and stability.


A lot of firsts on this model.  First time using oil based rust effects.  Loved that.  It can have a nice subtle rust effect that can be built up and if you want to add some more orange to it's nothing to add water to a small amount of Ryza Rust and dab that in place.  Used Nurgle's Rot for as well, and it's interesting but I don't see using it for anything else beyond what I've done here.  Accents for seepage or tissue breakdown.  The red was really simple, but so effective.  It really was just using GWs paints... Mephiston Red for the base, first layer of Evil Sunz Scarlet with an edge highlight of Wild Rider Red.  Layers were applied very thin, think translucent, to build up the color.  Once that was all dry, a glaze of Bloodletter was put on the red to pull it all together and it came out great.  Super pleased with how simple it was.  The metal and skin were completely different stories however, and involved a lot of touch up and a few restarts.  

At the time of this writing, I am currently finishing the base for one the Rapiers and I'd like to finish the other Rapier this evening.  Another Hellblaster Volley Gun is on the way to finish out the battery at 3 strong.  My beloved Auotcannon Havoc squad was rebuilt yesterday and a new Havoc unit built using Forgeworld's Legion Autocannon set I got forever ago.  Love those guns, hate the ammo feeds.  If you get them, plan on rebending the belts a few times to match up.  Also if you want to use Chaos backpacks, you'll have to trim them down a little so the ammo boxes fit.

Nifty trick if you don't want to use your Betrayal at Calth heavy bolters as heavy bolters, just clip the barrel off and glue an auto cannon barrel on.  Super easy conversion for a, IMHO, better gun.

So yeah, more painting and less building.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Chaos Sorc finished up... finally.

A few of you may remember this picture from awhile back.  It was from a post about using magnets and different heads as a way of showing Marks of Chaos on your models.  Well, I finally was able to get this Sorcerer and all the heads painted this past weekend.  So what we have is a Black Legion Chaos  Sorcerer, the only Finecast model I wanted to get... ever, with a back pack and helmet from Forgeworld's Sons of Horus upgrade pack.  All the other heads come from the Chaos Chariot kit.  But enough with that technical mumbo jumbo, here's the mini...

So here's a similar shot as above but painted...

Chaos Undivided...

Mark of Nurgle...

Mark of Slaanesh...

and Mark of Tzeentch...

So one model with 4 very visual ways to represent the Marks it might have on the battlefield.  Which is great for me because I kinda need WYSIWYG for my army so I remember what the thing does!  For being a Fincast model, which I dislike for it's fragility over anything else, it was very characterful and had a good amount of detail without being over the top.  All the bare heads used the recipes for my Demons so they would tie into each other visually.  Except for there Tzeentch head, with that one the recipe came about from this model so I now have a nice, subtle, blue to work with for later.    One of the details I did get into was the demon faced shoulder pad...

That one thing was a lot of fun to do and I will be using this same type of structure for any leering demon face on Chaos armor that isn't in the trim.  Like on all the Dark Vengeance Chosen.  This model was also upgraded to a 32 mm base using Eccentric Miniatures Size A Adaptor Ring.  It just needed a very  minimal amount of GS for the gaps but otherwise worked great.  They are cast in polystyrene from 3D printed masters.  You can see the printing detail once you get them, but after 3 thinned coats of paint on the rim you barely tell at all since the paint smoothed out the surface pretty well.  The only thing I *might* go back into would be the rips/vents in the cabling with the same coloration I used on the demon tongue.  Maybe.  

What do you think, did it turn out ok?

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Knight progress

Things have been moving along, a little slowly but still moving.  The semester will be over in about 2 weeks and then it's time for Christmas break!  Which this year has the ungodly length of ~6 weeks.  In 5 years of teaching I've never seen a break that long, and I don't remember ever having a break that long as a student either.  Anyway, with that large chunk of time I'm hoping to get the Knight finished and probably primed.  Having multiple spray booths on campus is a huge plus during the winter.  Not only do I want to finish the Knight in this time, but I'd also like to get my Chosen squads finished and magnetized with ranged weapon options.  When I say ranged weapons, it's really just plasma and melta guns.

I think this is a doable amount of work in the time I have for break.  On to the Knight...

Here it is looking about the right height.  This puts it at just about 6 inches (~15 cm) which is about half an inch short for a standard Knight.  So it's close.  Close enough that a Knight base with some cork should put it right about where it needs to sit.

I started thinking about how I wanted the power plant to look, and proceeded to tac those exhaust pipes in a few different configurations before seeing this one kinda pop out at me.  It just needed a few cuts and a little bit of filler plasticard and they looked great.  Add a few bits, some Mechnicum bits from my buddy and that Ork tank on the bottom that I've had for years... YEARS... and it's finally getting used!, and it's a working engine on a condensed chassis.  There will be some green stuff work to gap fill and plastic tubing to continue some of the hoses to finish the engine out.  I know it has a very Warjack feel to it, and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing yet.  I do know there's no way this will be the exact same size, I can get close but not exact.

Now the shoulder pads are a huge discrepancy.  The standard Knight shoulders are really large, but the Maulerfiend top carapace plate is a decent replacement that I can use with a little modification.  I don't know how exactly, but I'm thinking some plasticard fringe and trophies might do it, sort of mimicking the Cataphracti Terminator shoulders.  We'll see how it goes.  The rest of the armor plates have been getting the filigree shaved off and Choas brass etch is adorning those plates now along with the spikes the Chaos trim seems to love.

Right now this is where the build stands currently.  I'm still kicking around about how to bulk out the middle effectively.  Theres a lot of shocks left over from the Leviathan kit, some guitar string and demon bits and I might be in business.  I also was able to splurge a bit and find the 15mm cannon, saw blade, and plasma cannon arms for this project.  For some reason they were more difficult to find then I thought they'd be, and took much longer to find.  But they got here about a week ago, so I'll be getting those together over break and getting some pictures of that.  I know it looks a little weedy now, but I think once the armor and weapons are in place it'll look much better.  The mutations are starting to creep in as well.  In the photo below you can see some of the mechanical toes have been replaced with claws.  There will be some more touches like that, but not a whole lot.  I want more machine and less demon but not be have demon elements completely absent.

It's definitely a more streamlined Knight.  If anyone has any ideas/suggestions... I'm all ears, let me know what you think, I always appreciate it!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Building a custom Knight, first steps


So as I had stated in the previous post I wanted to work on the knight conversion this weekend.  I was able to get a jump start on that yesterday.  This is to be a combination of the 15 mm Dreamforge Leviathan Mortis and standard Knight legs and exhaust pipes with plastic tubing to help bulk it out.  The legs were surprisingly easy to modify for bit more range of motion for posing.  Cutting the knees apart, while the legs were still in halves, with a jeweler saw or coping saw took all of 5 minutes for all four halves.  A really nice part was after some thinking, I was able to bulk out the hips with plastic tubing.  Then clip the peg off the thighs, use successively larger bits for the holes and the thighs now fit snugly onto the new hips of the Leviathan.

The trickiest part was actually clipping down, and hollowing out, the ankles of the Knight lower legs to have the Levithan feet fit into them.  Again, a Dremel tool was used and by going slow it was no problem to make spot for the feet to sit in.  My Dremel is quickly becoming one of my favorite tools to use and I can recommend one enough for extensive conversions like this.  I will probably have to clip a few more odd sections of piping/brackets off the feet for them to have a better range of motion.  The ball socket of the Leviathan feet still move, but they look good and definitely have a Chaos Raptor like appearance to them.  This is good because I imagine a fallen knight as being more feral looking than what Forgeworld has done with it so far.  Additionally, I'll go back through and take off some of the regular embellishments on the trim to Chaosify it a bit more with extended points and teeth like the Chosen from Dark Vengeance.  This really only applies to the thigh, knee, and lower leg armor plates though.



The hip tubing, I used a piece of plastic trim to make up for the difference in diameter of the inner and outer tubing and make them fit snugly together.

should be able to get time later today to get the torso built and dry fit with tubing to establish the height.  The Leviathan feet already give it some additonal clearance, but ultimately I would like it be as close to a normal Knight in terms of size; as possible.  Add a little more scenic of a base, and I think it won't be any problem at all to reach that goal.  

Now what I'm left to ponder is the idea and story of this model for my army.  I thought about having it be a relic left over from House Devine, using a Naga motif to show the house before the unification with the Imperium, but I have also thought about taking it a little further and going full Slaanesh Subjugator with it as well.  It wouldn't be to hard to make claws from Tyranid scything talons and the back guns would be a fun thing to build as well.  Or, since the Mortis comes with a claw hand, get the other claw hand and have a single back cannon, since I'm leaning toward a Paladin anyway.  Or just do a Gallant with the back mounted autocannon and then visually all the bases are covered.  I know I'm still getting started with the the chassis, but it's starting to be more complete in my mind and that makes the build go faster.

I'm excited to see where this will go in terms of a finished model, and it's all I can do to not blow off everything and work on it for the rest of the day and well into the night.  But I want to help out with the the bronze pour at school and wrap up a few loose ends before the weekend to really get started on this later this evening.

*I'll edit the format once I'm home, I wish I could center the pictures on my iPad.*