Saturday, October 3, 2009

Color study

This is the working color study I have going now, and the pictures are not doing the paint any justice. This should be fixed in the future when I can get a dedicated photo space for this type of thing. Obviously it still needs some finishing touches, but overall once the basecoat is good and solid it's relatively quick to do.

When I first started this I was really struggling to get a nice red for the armor, everything before this was either too bright or too dark. Also this is the first real GW wash work I've done... I'm used to using the old school inks or thinned paint to shade. I think for the Aspiring Champs I'll keep the robes black, for the regular CSM a cream colored robe should be good. For squad markings I have the idea of using parts of the chaos star with the matching graphic for the Rhinos as well.



  1. Was the red done by a red basecoat, followed by a red wash, and then highlighting? More details, please, in the interest of science.

  2. The steps would be as follows...

    1. several thin coats of Scab Red, 3 should do, for a smooth surface
    2. wash the thinned Devlan Mud
    3. reapply Scab Red, but do it neatly this time
    4. first highlight of 50/50 Scab Red and Blood Red
    5. second highlight of just Blood Red
    6. final wash of thinned Baal Red to pull the reds together a bit and
    make it appear smoother

    If you wanted a stronger highlight I would suggest going back over with Blood Red after the final wash. I know this is a fair amount of steps, but this process would lend itself to batch painting a squad with a decent turn around time and decent results. The only tricky part are the washes which take longer to dry, but then there's always something to do while they dry!


  3. Looking good, I really like the shade of red you've got there.

    I've also used the Possessed bits on my Asp Champs.

  4. Thanks Big Jim, the red was a struggle... for some reason I just couldn't wrap my head around how to do it.

    For the bits they seemed fitting for Word Bearers, as that legion looks at possession as the ultimate holy act.


  5. Great job,

    I am a fan already and can't wait to see how the dreads come out when they are painted.

  6. Obviously got some good painting going on there :).

    Its not the kind of colour scheme I would do for my Bearers of the Word though. I know the "right" colour is the kind of red or close to it that you've got going there, but I've always felt that as a colour it just isn't aligned from an overall design perspective to what the Word Bearers are about.

    Me I fancy a deeper, more burgundy like red which is more sinister and to me the Word Bearers are nothing if not perhaps the most sinister of all the Chaos Legions.

    But just to round it up I do like the job you've done not to mention the conversion job. I know its quite simple as far as conversions go with just changing bits about mostly but it looks natural and quite Word Bearery.

  7. Thanks again Stig,

    These photos are really bright, the red is much darker than these pictures show. I think the yellowish backdrop I used has a lot to do with this. Admittedly, i'm just not that good at taking pictures of minis, I haven't done it enough to figure everything out.

    I'm a huge fan of kit bashing and simple, yet effective, conversions using as much plastic as I can. I love all the plastics that are coming out now and they certainly help in making unique models in a very small time frame.