Monday, October 5, 2009

I love me some plastics...

Hey all,

I was thinking about this today, all of the minis in my army are plastic. Ok, ok, one is not and that's the Greater Demon but even parts of that are plastic. So the I don't think I'm the only one being excited with GW pushing the range into more plastic options. When I first saw the current Chaos sprues I had to have them and work with them, the brand spanking new Space Wolf sprues look the same way... chock full of conversion possibilities.

But, do you guys think GW should to this for special characters as well? Give them the same treatment? Think along the lines of the WFB Orc Warboss, the possibility of making 3 different bosses in one kit. Or by doing this do you think the "special" factor of the character would be lost? Or maybe enhanced? What about a plastic Calgar?

The main reason I ask this is because other than the Greater Demon, and a Demon Prince ( I have one and it has the MoT!!) I haven't bought a metal model in years. One reason is price, another is working time... my working time and therefore turn around time is much faster with plastic than metal. So how is your army growing? By plastic? By metal? By both?



  1. I make some of my special characters out of plastic just with kit bashing. Far cheaper than GW's special character metals.

  2. I only buy the special character models if I really like the model itself, otherwise I try to convert my oown using plastic. The one exception for my Black Templar were my Sword Brethren, those models were just too nice to pass up so I have a unit of those metal figs.


  3. I would like to have more posable metal minis, where I can with minimal effort chop up a special characters, replace weapons etc. I think the plastics have a long way to go until they are up to the level of detail possible on the metal minis. However, if Space Hulk is any indication, the ground is being covered fast.

  4. @ erio- I can see this, alas the Chaos 'dex doesn't really have anyone I want to make. However that Wolf Pack box with some Chaos Marines bits... might have to make some Skyrar's Dark Wolves at some point!

    @ BJ- see I think I'm in a very small minority that liked the old metal Possessed models... if I had been collecting Chaos then I would have gotten them for sure.

    @ Drath- I agree 100% about the Space Hulk models getting up there, in fact with that release I think that plastics are on par with metal minis as far as detail. Now if they could just find a way to minimize flash and prevent mold mismatch I'd be super happy.

  5. I like both metal and plastic minis, but the new plastic minis are starting to rival the quality of the metal ones. Which is a good thing.

    I don't think the cost factor between metal and plastic is a very bug issue with large models. Because GW's history has proven that when big things get done in plastic the cost is comparable or identical to that of the original metal version.

    So I would imagine when they finally release that groovy plastic Daemon Prince it'll be 35 USD or more than the current metal one.