Thursday, November 26, 2015

Knight progress

Things have been moving along, a little slowly but still moving.  The semester will be over in about 2 weeks and then it's time for Christmas break!  Which this year has the ungodly length of ~6 weeks.  In 5 years of teaching I've never seen a break that long, and I don't remember ever having a break that long as a student either.  Anyway, with that large chunk of time I'm hoping to get the Knight finished and probably primed.  Having multiple spray booths on campus is a huge plus during the winter.  Not only do I want to finish the Knight in this time, but I'd also like to get my Chosen squads finished and magnetized with ranged weapon options.  When I say ranged weapons, it's really just plasma and melta guns.

I think this is a doable amount of work in the time I have for break.  On to the Knight...

Here it is looking about the right height.  This puts it at just about 6 inches (~15 cm) which is about half an inch short for a standard Knight.  So it's close.  Close enough that a Knight base with some cork should put it right about where it needs to sit.

I started thinking about how I wanted the power plant to look, and proceeded to tac those exhaust pipes in a few different configurations before seeing this one kinda pop out at me.  It just needed a few cuts and a little bit of filler plasticard and they looked great.  Add a few bits, some Mechnicum bits from my buddy and that Ork tank on the bottom that I've had for years... YEARS... and it's finally getting used!, and it's a working engine on a condensed chassis.  There will be some green stuff work to gap fill and plastic tubing to continue some of the hoses to finish the engine out.  I know it has a very Warjack feel to it, and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing yet.  I do know there's no way this will be the exact same size, I can get close but not exact.

Now the shoulder pads are a huge discrepancy.  The standard Knight shoulders are really large, but the Maulerfiend top carapace plate is a decent replacement that I can use with a little modification.  I don't know how exactly, but I'm thinking some plasticard fringe and trophies might do it, sort of mimicking the Cataphracti Terminator shoulders.  We'll see how it goes.  The rest of the armor plates have been getting the filigree shaved off and Choas brass etch is adorning those plates now along with the spikes the Chaos trim seems to love.

Right now this is where the build stands currently.  I'm still kicking around about how to bulk out the middle effectively.  Theres a lot of shocks left over from the Leviathan kit, some guitar string and demon bits and I might be in business.  I also was able to splurge a bit and find the 15mm cannon, saw blade, and plasma cannon arms for this project.  For some reason they were more difficult to find then I thought they'd be, and took much longer to find.  But they got here about a week ago, so I'll be getting those together over break and getting some pictures of that.  I know it looks a little weedy now, but I think once the armor and weapons are in place it'll look much better.  The mutations are starting to creep in as well.  In the photo below you can see some of the mechanical toes have been replaced with claws.  There will be some more touches like that, but not a whole lot.  I want more machine and less demon but not be have demon elements completely absent.

It's definitely a more streamlined Knight.  If anyone has any ideas/suggestions... I'm all ears, let me know what you think, I always appreciate it!


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    1. Thanks! I'm gong to have to get better pictures. I love my desk set up but it's not very good for documenting. These are atrocious.


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