Sunday, September 2, 2012

Word Bearers in 6th

So... given that the new Chaos 'Dex is soon, as well as the new starter set, I'd figure I would go into what is exciting for me and my Host.  Now you have to keep in mind, most of this is based of the rumors that are going around as to what is in the new Chaos 'Dex.  I'm not adding to what's already out there, just going over some possibly exciting things from what I've seen...

- Cultists - Winning!  It's about time.  The beloved sons of Lorgar will finally be able to have all the cannon fodder/meat shields they could want!  

The ultimate Cultist

- Dark Apostle - Even more winning!  Having an actual unit (most likely a Lord upgrade of some kind) that affects the troops/Cultists around it... is boss.  How will this interact with my Cultists?  Will the Look Out Sir! rolls flow like water?  Yes, yes they will.  Here I would have no problem rolling each and every Look Out Sir! roll... it just fits the Word Bearers so well.  Cultists jumping in front of shots designated for the Dark Apostle? Yes please, can I have some more?  Even better would be to allow him to be a psyker as well, close combat monster with even more utility? Yes.  Please.  I'm already enjoying this type of play style with my 'Nids, being able to continue that back into my CSM would be awesome.

- Multiple Demon Engines - Before we had the Defiler and Dreads.  Now there is supposed to be 2 more options... one with built in melta-weapons on the arms, more of a siege engine if you will. The more I think about it, the more Forgeworld's Decimator Engine makes sense.  The precedent has already been set with Trygons being put into the Tyranid 'Dex, so it's not too far of a stretch to have the Decimator or something close to it.  Although it wouldn't be all that surprising if it was something along the DreadKnight either.  On the other hand, rumor has it, that Dreads are taking a hit and would have power fists (and strike at Initiative 1) as opposed to the Dread CCW.  This I don't really see happening but we will see.  Now an interesting point that just surfaced the other day was that a Dark Apostle could help keep a Dread well-ish behaved.  The other demon engine is a shooty type with some insanely strong firepower.  Again, with Hull Points being what they are it will be interesting to see how Demonic Possession will work with vehicles in the new 'Dex.

- Possessed - Supposed to be able to roll their powers, but those powers aren't supposed to suck.  I think almost anything they can do to help the rules of those awesome models should be done.  Those are some beautiful sculpts to be used mainly for converting and little else.

- Actual Demons - Now, I am a little mad about this... but only a little.  I worked hard to get my Greater and Lesser Demons to look good... now they will be invalidated...

I could actually use demons, the real deal, and this (as a Word Bearer player) makes me very, very, happy.  Now it just comes down to what flavor do I want the most, and can they use my icons to come in, looks like my reading up on Demons should start soon, and the FAQ.  That, and the Allies section of the rulebook... since 'Nids don't get any allies, I haven't really read through that section more than once.

So those things are enough to make me want to dust off the Host, and get it finished.  But, I am willing to wait until I get the actual codex in my hands and read it a few times through.  I will say though, that the future of my Word Bearers is looking good.  It was my first real army for 40k that I fell in love with and even if only half of these rumors end up being true then I will be pleased.

But how does that translate to the table now that 6th is here?  Squads of marines, cultists in front of them to grant them the 5+ cover save.  Better yet my Dark Apostle in a unit of Chosen, surrounded by ~30 Cultists able to soak up a ton of fire and then hit the line like a brick.  Like Chaos should.  Hopefully this new 'Dex will bring back the fear of a fully tooled up Chaos Lord.  Demons, demons everywhere... jumping out and shredding things with Possessed along side them.  Back in 5th I used my Rhinos primarily as mobile cover, this edition really won't change that tactic too much... at least not at first.  My regular opponent is playing Space Marines, I've noticed he's been pretty static with deployment for his vehicles and this isn't working too well for him.  I'm figuring that playing more aggressive with my tanks might be a better way to go.  If it's only a matter of time until they get popped, I might as well make them a pain and take as much with me as I can.

Several demon engines along a flank to roll up and crush all in it's way, with Dreads close to the Apostle to behave and provide more walking cover.  Lots of bodies on the ground with powerful support from afar with... tanks, maybe flyers, and Oblits.  Even Plasma Gun Havocs or Chosen (if either of those weapon options stay) look good with the changes to Rapid Fire.  However if the rumors are true (oh please oh please oh please) then Havocs will be one of the first units with Flakk Missiles.  This might also prompt me to actually buy the Forgeworld pre-Hersey era weapons packs I've been seeing.  With 6th, everything has been shaken up, and so far I think for the better, and with the cinematic angle that GW is pushing it feels like I can finally play that Word Bearers list I've always wanted to.  

I just hope Chaos will be a GREAT first codex to what seems to be a great ruleset so far.


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