Monday, January 11, 2010

Sorry for the lack

Hey guys,

Figured I'd drop a line and apologize for the lack of content over the last several weeks.  Real life, as opposed to cyber life, is more demanding at the moment.  Grad school applications, trying to make new work... that whole artist as real job thing can really throw a wrench into modeling/playing plans.

So after reviewing my time constraints, I'm going to try and schedule at least one night per week for model stuff while still trying to make my work.  An example of what I do is above.  This should, in theory, be an adequate amount of time to get something finished.  After all, my buddy and I have gone to a few GamesDays and this coming summer we are going to bring our armies to play... that's the idea anyway.   But... how have things been going for you all? The new year turning out ok? Or not what you expected/wanted?  New armies on the horizon? Or just finishing what you have good enough for now?

Take care and talk to you soon,



  1. Grim, I completely know how you feel. Never worry about a lack of content, we all have real lives and know how crazy it can get.

    As for me and my Galaxy in Flames blog; things are clipping along at a good pace. My Hombrew codex is in its open playtest phase and I am making what I think to be some fantastic looking conversions.

    So get back to the blog when you can and don;t worry we will all be here when you do!


  2. Jim,

    Thanks and I'm looking forward to seeing your new conversions, although I have to say the ones I have seen so far are pretty nice. Right now in the works is a chain tutorial, but my camera likes to play hide and seek with me.


  3. Same here, the holiday season and work-related stuff have a tendency to pop up when least expected and wanted. Add in time constraints and the hobby gets pushed into the corner fast.

    So I hope that the planned approach helps and I'm naturally looking forward to some more excellent minis!