Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Some construction in the future

As my time is increasingly shrinking (I don't know wether it's from age, or it just seems to be flying by at warp 10 anymore), and I'm at odds with the Chaos 'Dex I decided to start looking for a new army to collect.  I will not abandon Chaos, I just want a brake from 3+ armor saves and 8 ft. killing machines.  Which got me thinking about what is as far removed from Space Marines as possible... 

Eldar? Too clean.  
Guard? Too many tanks. 
Dark Eldar? Thought about it, but nah.
Demons? No.
Necrons? Too much metal.
Orks?  Closer.
Tyranids? We have a winner.

So my next army will be Tyranids, what really drove this home was watching AvP and the flashback scene of the temples purpose.  Those 3 Predators standing at the top of the temple, blasting Alien after Alien and not even making a dent.  Then the pan out shot and there's thousands of bugs all over the landscape.

That is some epic imagery.  It was an "a ha!" moment.  A similar moment happened shortly after I read Anthony Reynolds' Dark Apostle, I knew I wanted to build an army in that vein of vision.  Same thing here.

So what does this mean for the future?  More articles, different army lists, lots of converting and proxy articles as the Tyranid 'Dex is lacking in a lot of specific models.  This also means a shift in the blog design/layout.  Also having several smaller projects to choose from should keep me motivated to finish them and move on to the next.  Something I could finish in a day, maybe 2.  Like painting a squad of Marines, or putting together a Trygon, and devote 1 day out of the week for my hobby.  As grad school winds up for the final pitch, I think having something away from the art world will keep me sane and my students safe.


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