Monday, January 31, 2011

Help from the Gods - Part 2

I just realized that being in grad school doesn't mean I can't contribute to my community.  Also seeing "The Rite" over the weekend kinda made me think of posting this.

So your will be getting more articles from me about my own Chaos experience and 40k.  These will not reflect, or wax on about the state of Chaos in the "not winning" scene.  There are several blogs that have already done that, and a few have done it well.  A previous article on Lesser Demons had outlined their strengths and weaknesses, next up is the big daddy... the Greater Demon.

A lot of players don't take a Greater Demon, for me it's almost mandatory.  Playing Word Bearers and demons just make me REALLY happy.  The idea of an entity taking charge and wrecking havoc on it's host and then the enemy is almost too good to pass up.  Just like the Lessers, he has his ups and downs and we'll start with the positives first.

100 pts, for what he does not bad... but a little deceptive for the actual cost, more on that later.
Monstrous Creature, yes, please make a mockery of any armor you touch.
4+ Invulnerable Save
T 6, able to shrug off A LOT
4 wounds
Does not take up an HQ slot

Seems pretty effective for a walking shredder of doom, my greater has been the bane of my buddies armies.  It pops out and mass carnage ensues.

The negatives...

100+ pts, the base cost does not reflect the model you lose when the Greater pops.  So at the minimum your looking at 130 pts on a naked CSM Champion.  Or a Greater could cost even more if you went really fluffy (crazy) and had it possess your Lord or Sorcerer.
No rapid movement, the Greater is unfortunately stuck to hoofing it with no way to modify movement.
No marks, this is another unfortunate detail as well.
Initiative 4, I would think for something like this... an ageless killing machine able to be resurrected numerous times, that 1 more point of Int. wouldn't be game breaking.
0-1, dang I wish I could take 2... with 2 Demon Princes and 2 Greaters you could have a TON of fun.

A Greater always needs a host on the board, this is easiest with a basic CSM champion with no frills.  A little boring but cost effective.  I usually run my Champs with a PF, and I always have at least 2 on the board to make sure the Greater arrives since they can't possess a model that arrived on the same turn.  I see it as I'm trading the PF for a MC... better AP, Int.,  and survivability if a vehicle explodes in it's face.

Now again, you have to realize I love fielding a Greater.  It has been a very useful unit for my army and has gelled well with my overall list.  My list is by no means tourny worthy but I like to play it.  I also don't see the need to use a different Codex to field what I want, because I like a lot of the mechanics in the CSM Codex... except Crazed, that one could use some work and by some a mean a lot.

Over all the Greater has been very good to me, a great tar-pit unit, a unit breaker, a vehicle wrecker... he just sows chaos everywhere he goes and thats kinda the point right?  What do you guys think of the more unorthodox units in the CSM Codex?  All right?  Not worth it?  Kinda ok?  Or are the majority of you disgusted enough to shelve them until they get a new Codex?

I was tempted, but I can't let the Chaos go.


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