Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Possible 'Nid color scheme

So as I contemplate where I want to go with 'Nids, the initial army list and models to score, the one thing that excites and terrifies me at the same time is the color scheme.  I didn't want to stray to far from the "bug" aspect of the Tyranids, but I also didn't want to paint them black and gloss coat them either.  Something a little more in between might just do the trick.

The pictures above are of a Japanese, or Asian, Hornet.  These suckers are mean, fast, and will take down loads of little guys to get the prize.  They have a pheromone trail of their own, and can spit a flesh melting venom, usually into the eyes.  They can fly up to 50 miles in a day, and sting something to death after the rest of the gang homes in on the pheromones.  All that and they get to a length of 3 inches.  They are brutal hunters and seem to fit exactly what I'm thinking of when I think of Tyranids.  

For me, it's the natural aspect of this type of color scheme I find appealing.  It is mostly black, or a deep brown, not too glossy anywhere, and the only thing I'm not too sure on right now is the striping for the tails.  That could be hit or miss until I get some paint on figs other than Genestealers.  Looks like it's time to take stock for a posting at the Barter Bucket, and maybe finally order that battleforce.  



  1. With the nid figures you don't have to really worry about the striping. With the layered plates you can just put the yellow along the edges, which will get you a stripe-like effect without having to do stripes.

  2. I think your right for the larger bugs like a Tyrant or Trygon, it's the Gants, Raveners, Carnifexs, anything with a smooth tail might give me fits. I do want to stay as close to the source material as possible, and with how I paint I have no problem working on a single fig for a few hours.