Saturday, July 16, 2011

Incident at the Workshop

I play, well dabble is more like it anymore, a fair amount of video games and try to keep tabs on what's coming out.  In a recent issue of Game Informer they highlighted the Into the Pixel video game art competition.  This entry from Ivan Simoncini entitled "Incident at the Workshop" is based off of Valve Software's title Alien Swarm, you know the Kill Team like title before Kill Team was around, and I have to say the attention to detail is amazing.  Everything from the blister pack, to the paint pots, and even a spray tip in the background.

The ONLY gripe I have is the cigarette smoke, you should really be able to see where the light is falling from the left wall above the ashtray, and I'm sure more than one of us has a work station almost exactly like this.

I wasn't sure how many of you follow this sort of thing, but this was too cool not to share.  


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