Thursday, March 18, 2010

This is not a test

So last week went really well.  It turned into a painting week, and I almost got a squad of Word Bearers complete!! For me this a major achievement I am a really slow painter... maybe not slow but my process is time consuming.  However the results are good, hope you all will think so as well.  Pictures to follow soon-ish... need to pick up my minis from my buddy's house before he leaves for Scotland next week.

Also I will be posting the recipes for the red and silver of my Word Bearers when I post the pictures.



  1. Sweet... can't wait to see em.

    Ever try The Army Painter? I'm a slow painter too and that stuff cuts about 80% of the time out of painting for me!

  2. I looked at it, it's a very cool, and just found out one of my favorite bits places carries The Army Painter products. As far using them now... can't, I'm huge believer of consistent results from consistent efforts. To change the process now would change the finish.