Monday, August 23, 2010

GamesDay 2010... at home.

Hey all,

So going to GamesDay in Baltimore was a no go for me.  No problem.  My buddy Dave and I made our GamesDay here.  He got to field his Necrons, he'd been working on them but didn't have a chance to play them yet, and make some tweaks to his list of what works and what doesn't.  I got to paint some Lesser Demons, I think I got them figured out finally, and reaffirm my love for AC turret Preds with Lascannon sponsons.

All in all we played 5 games, at different points levels, over the weekend.  It was a total win.  Not only that we went to FLGS here in Columbus called The Guardtower.  Fantastic store, they carry just about everything... GW, Hordes, FoW, Magic, D&D(and several other RPGs that I haven't even heard of), Micro Art resin bases, Battlefield in Box from GF9, they just have tons of stuff.  They even have a store wide discount based on how much you buy, you buy more.. you get a bigger discount.  This was our shopping part of our GamesDay at home, and I picked up the new Demon Prince from GW, and can't wait to get started on it.

It was a great time to be had, and I think it was even better than going to GamesDay proper.  No fees outside of some gas for the car and lunch.  I'm sure most of you can schedule this sort thing on a more regular basis, for Dave and I though this is like a mini vacation and even though we were stuck in town it was still a great time.  What about you guys?  Have you planned for an event such as GameDay only to have it fall through and then made the most of the time you had set aside?  Lemme know.  :-)


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