Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Yup, you read it right.  I cannot attend this years GamesDay because of 1. I've had several family health issues pop up over the recent months and haven't had a lot of time to finish my army 2. The buddy I was going with has his own health problems as well, his first full chemo dose is scheduled for that Saturday and 3. my step-son mulled it over and decided not to go.

So, that means I have 2 tickets for Baltimore GamesDay that I am more than willing to part with.  My contact info is in the right side of the blog, make sure to put "gamesday tix" in the subject line or it won't get opened.  I need all relevant information to send the tickets to you, for free, yes you read it right again for free.  Please, please make sure you get your info to me no later than this Saturday the 14th.  Also keep snail mail time in mind, I will send them out but I'm not going to overnight them unless you pay for it.

The ONLY stipulation I have, there's always fine print right?, is that you take your best bud, your wife, your kid, someone to have a great time with to meet some great people, bloggers, and make some awesome gaming memories.  And, if you happen to wonder is at GamesDay this year here's a link to find out more info...

Hopefully I'll talk to some of you soon.



  1. Sad to hear you can't make it, but glad to see that they'll be used, just the same. Hopefully, you'll be able to attend next year, and that your kindness will come back to you in droves.

    Kudos to you!

  2. Thanks 39k, hopefully someone will take them... no one has contacted me yet, but I hope someone will!! With WAR Games Con(aka BOLS Con) not too long ago people might be tapped out to turn around and do another con so soon.

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